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  Controlled Demolition With Diamond Wire Saw Cutting
  Diamond Wire Sawing produces very precise cuts in the structures and therefore on completion of varies diameter OR big areas of concrete demolition required.

Diamond Wire Saw unlike rotational cutting by a conventional blade saw, a diamond wire saw displays great power in cutting and dismantling large scale of reinforced concrete structures. Cutting in performed by winding diamond wire around the work surface and moving the wire at high speed.

To dismantle an existing R.C. Bridge by Hydraulic Wire Saw   Crane operator remove cuted off section. Each cuted off section varied in weight from 25 to 30 tonne
View of existing RC Flyovers dismantled by Hydraulic Wire Saw   Bridge deck was hoisted out for removal
To diamond cutting on existing R.C. Slab by Hydraulic Wire Saw  

View of existing desk platform in completion


Wire Sawing processing cut through existing concrete Desk platform


Concrete Desk Platform used Hydraulic Wire Sawing system with a reachable cutting deep of 1 meter above

The Hydraulic Wire Saw was run remote controlled on existing concrete slab and Beam attachment   Hydraulic Wire Saw performed to dismantle existing RC Slab and Beam attachment

From this photo, Hydraulic Wire Sawing performed demolish existing concrete column


The concrete panel were wire sawed and mounted with crane for removal

To dismantle an existing R.C. Beam by Hydraulic Wire Saw  

RC Beam were wire sawed and cut into smaller panels for removal