Our Services
  DIamond Concrete Coring
  - Drilling in reinforced concrete for the purpose of wiring and piping for air-conditioning, electricity, telephone, gas and    water supply.

- Sampling of test core for concrete rock and stone.

- Drilling of base holes for guardrail, fence post and resin anchor in concrete, rock-bed, etc.

- Drilling in stone, refractory bricks and ceramics, etc.

- Drilling in reinforced concrete structure, asphalt road and concrete products.

- Stitch Coring for large diameter opening on reinforced concrete structures, where normal coring size are not up to    specification.
To form a 500mm diameter hole on existing lift shaft wall by Hydraulic Diamond Coring Machine.
View of Hydraulic Diamond Coring of 600mm Diamond Core
To diamond boring hole on
existing runway slab by
Hydraulic Boring machine.
To diamond coring hole for lighting on existing airport runway at India New Airport Project
  Stitch coring was used for large hole opening   To form a 800mm diameter opening on existing 900mm (THK) reservoir R.C. Tank Wall by Diamond Stitch Coring.